Key Strength: The Management Team

As part of the AJI Group, there is no dearth of talent and expertise for the Company to draw on. The Group boasts of one of the most experienced management teams. Together with their professionalism and commitment, the company is fully geared to develop, produce and efficiently deliver specific orders of customers, making us a valued vendor.

Key Strength: Quality Management
Every batch of fabric and accessories is tested for weaving standards & colour fastness, strength & consistency. Every garment is checked for design and finish.

Our world class testing lab with its quality management system ensures zero error output, maintaining consistently high standards of our own and that of our customers.

Key Strength: Environment Management
Aware of its responsibility, the Company intends to follow the best possible practices for environment care and take all the necessary measures.

AJI GROUP is committed to

  • Set up a sophisticated effluent treatment plant to achieve zero discharge.
  • Designate green zones within the factory premises.
  • Prevent and control land, air, water and noise pollution.
  • Reduce waste generation, recycle wherever possible, and ensure proper disposal.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, rules & regulations.

Key Strength: People Management
We recognize that the success of any organization depends on its people. Our young and motivated work force makes for a strong team synergizing itself with corporate objectives, and taking the Company ahead in a globally competitive environment.

Professionalism and a positive attitude helps us immensely in achieving the Company’s goal.

Our people are our most valuable asset and we will nurture them with care and affection.

Following ethical labour practices and health & safety norms, we will provide a safe and healthy environment for all our people.

All the Units are being controlled from corporate office located at groups own building in the Hemayetpur near the capital city name Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Each Unit has its own factory management setup to perform from sampling to finishing of the products.

The issues like Environment, Occupational Health & Safety have been duly taken care of while designing the building. Medical centre are available in the official hour and gave free medical treatment with the medicine for the employee.

The issue like working for the Social Welfare AJI Group is a step ahead then any other companies in the Bangladesh. There is a Welfare name Child Care for the employee’s children. Children can play and learn free of cost.

Ethical principles apply to all facilities of AJI Group that produce readymade garments for exporting to foreign countries.

AJI Group recognizes that there are legal and cultural environments in which facilities operate. These ethical principles set forth the basic requirements of AJI factories in order to do with its customers abroad.

AJI makes ceaseless efforts to promote best practices and continuous improvement of ethical issues in all its manufacturing units. for easy access to the issues, the AJI Management has posted contents in the notice boards of factories in both Bangla (local language) and English.

AJI now Woven units have become complete of code conducts of SRG Imports Ltd., U.K., Rajan Imports Ltd., U.K., Juice Corporation, U.K., Chan ke Jewels From UK, Jordache In Corporation, U.S.A., Polo Assang, USA.

In addition to all normal machines and equipment, woven division uses the following machines and equipment to cater various special requirements of customers :-

• ARM Hole & Side Seam Fusing Machine

• Eyelet Sewing Machine • Pin tuck Machine

• Blind Stitch Machine • Saddle Stitching Machine

• CAD (Investronica) • Centex Needle Search Machine


The knit division in its composite structure has Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing and Sewing facility located near Dhaka City.

Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing units are equipped with European best brand machines like Sclavos for Dyeing, Mayer & CIE for Knitting and Santex for Finishing.

Knit division knits dyes and finishes 100% Cotton, CVC, T/C, 100% Polyester, Lycra fabrics. Knitting unit knits all the basis structures including the following :-

• Feeder Stripes

• Loop Back Fleece

• French Terry

• Lycra Single Jersey

• Lycra Rib


The Group enjoys an advantage of handling orders having embroidery requirement from customers using groups own embroidery unit.

The Group in its continuous endeavor to be more competitive, has included the Printing and Packaging unit in the year 2003. This establishment contributes directly in cost reduction and smooth execution of the orders.

AJI Group Washing Ltd. is the latest inclusion in the Groups strength. Its give us a positive impact on Groups overall business. RMG units of the of the Group are no more dependent on out sourcing of washing of Garments.

AJI Washing Plant can do the following Washing -

• Chemical Spray Wash

• Stone Wash

• Stone Enzyme Wash

• Enzyme Wash

• Garment wash

• Silicon Softener Wash

Associates adhere to four basic guiding principles articulated by AJI:

• Fairness to each other and everyone with whom we come in contact

• Freedom to encourage, help, and allow other associates to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility

• The ability to make one’s own commitments and keep them

• Consultation with other associates before undertaking actions that could impact the reputation of the company

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